What is React-Native?

React-Native is an innovative framework for developing native mobile apps. React-Native builds on the React library of Facebook, with the difference that it specializes in mobile apps.

Which apps were developed with React-Native?

Listed below is a screenshot of some apps developed with React-Native. For the full list, please visit the React-Native page: https://facebook.github.io/react-native/showcase

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React Native – Your advantages

The advantages of React-Native become clear when we highlight the disadvantages of native programming. If an app is required for Android and iOS, you will need to develop this app separately for both platforms. The interface between the development is very low. Android is based on Java and Android Studio, while iOS apps are developed with Swift / Objective-C and XCode. Conversely, this means that the app developement is time-consuming and costly because it has to be developed, tested, uploaded, and maintained twice.

This is where the benefits of React-Native come in. The development of React-Native happens, among others programming languages, with JSX. The development environment is arbitrary, but Visual Studio is recommended by most developers. So if an app needs to be developed for both Android and iOS, then you’ll only have to do it once with React-Native. React-Native then converts the JSX code to native Objective-C and Java. Besides the cost savings of the development, you also have the advantage of saving time. Since the app is only developed in one language, you need lot less time for the development.

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Advantages and disadvantages


  • less development costs
  • faster development
  • cheap and easy maintenance


  • Performance not as strong as native programming
  • Security aspect, as the framework is based on JavaScript

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