What is Apache Cordova?

Apache Cordova is an innovative cross-platform framework that we can use to develop hybrid mobile apps. The app that a user sees on his device is running on a web browser.

Which apps were developed with Apache Cordova?

Listed below is a screenshot of some apps developed with Apache Cordova. For the full list, visit the Apache Cordova page: https://cordova.apache.org

cordova app entwickler

Apache Cordova – Your advantages

The benefits of Apache Cordova lies in the development and the number of supported platforms. Apache Cordova applications run on a web browser. A web view as a container for your app is supported by Android, iOS and Windows. Your app is developed once and can then be published on all platforms. The app is thus saves considerable time and costs. In addition, it can be published on all platforms.

web und app entwickler

Advantages and disadvantages


  • less development costs
  • faster development
  • cheaper and easier to maintain


  • “look-and-feel” does not look like a native app / native cross-platform app
  • Security aspect, as the framework is based on JavaScript

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